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A Complete eSIM Management Platform

Guides, references, and tutorials designed to help you get connected with 1GLOBAL's eSIM provisioning and management platform.

Not just a new SIM, an entirely new way to connect.
As one of the world's leading innovators in SIM technology, 1GLOBAL enables mobile operators to rapidly roll out support for eSIM-enabled devices by providing a complete "as-a-service" solution.

Why we’re different

We have long believed in the benefit of eSIM for operators. Many of the current products on the market are clunky and inflexible, with little to no control for networks. Our digital first model provides a clear alternative in a market led by plastic SIM manufacturers with legacy business to protect.

Provide enhanced consumer and IoT offerings to your customers, creating new revenue streams and increased loyalty.​

How we can help

We know there are networks who want to move fast and first and respond to the changing needs of customers, remove costs, enable digital experiences and capture new users and revenue streams.

Prepare for a future of SIM-free devices, expanding connectivity use cases and ensuring readiness to address the opportunities that offers.​

Who we are

As the world’s first operator to support eSIM on iPhone, we have eSIM in our DNA and, having provisioned millions of eSIMs globally across five continents, we are now offering it to you and your customers.

Replace inefficient SIM supply chain and provisioning services with instant and seamless global connectivity.

Partnering with us for eSIM Provisioning
Getting connected with eSIM technology can be complicated, so we've made it easy to get ahead. Here are some of the things we offer:
A remote SIM provisioning solution that's tried and tested by UL Transaction Security and is interoperable with leading eSIM vendors.
SAS-SM Certification by the GSMA and configured with the public key infrastructure supplied by DigiCert.
Complete integration including BSS/OSS, front-end APIs and key components such as entitlement servers.
Generation, management and hosting of operator profiles aligned to GSMA specifications.